Nestled in the beautiful African country of Ghana is our beauty factory. Co-owned by The Kind Planet Company ”8 Degrees North – The Artisanal Soap Company”  is aptly named because of its location from the equator.

women picking palm fruit


Manufacturing for clean beauty is changing. Customers are demanding completely owned and traceable supply chains, soil to skin. Here at The Kind Planet Company, we buy from our own dedicated 43 empowered female farmers at the farm gate. We always offer premium prices on palm harvests as well as training and support in organic husbandry, encouraging no chemicals and no pesticides. We buy their palm fruit and in doing so, give these land-owning ladies the ability to earn a living wage and provide for their families.


We then collect and process the fruit with our own trucks and staff at our mill. Our soaps and raw materials are co-packed and assemble ready for shipment to Europe. Our artisan soaps are made in Ghana, lovingly blended, poured and cut by our dedicated staff. Our POWER BALM, face, body oils and scrubs are assembled in the UK using raw materials from these same farms in Ghana.