Skincare Lessons

Another (hopefully simple) Skincare Lesson. What the 🤬 is an occlusive? And how is it different to an emollient? Wait, what exactly defines an emollient? Aren’t humectants important too? Gone are the days of simply applying Ponds Cream at night. We have attempted to make this a simple skincare lesson and do the hard work […]


young lady listening to music in bubble bath

We’ve dropped our latest playlist for those autumnal evenings + feelings. Featuring some of the most talented Sierra Leonean artists combined with feel good songs. Because music IS self-care. Click here to listen now.

9 Super Ingredients: Why you need Mandarin Essential Oil in your skincare routine

Mandarin Essential Oil – “the happy oil” – is one of the sweetest and most calming oils in the citrus family. This citrus fruit got its name in the early 19th century, when it was imported from China to England, inspired by the bright orange robes worn by the Mandarins. But of course this wasn’t where it all began. This […]

POWER BALM Wins a Free From Skincare Silver Award

Power Balm Free From Skincare Award Badge

The Kind Planet Company is honoured to receive this award due to it’s prestigious Europe-wide status and rigorous judging process. It is a standard we hold highly and develop all of our products to meet.

POWER BALM recognised in Beauty Shortlist Awards

Power Balm Beauty Shortlist Awards

This past March, POWER BALM was awarded the Beauty Commended Award by the Beauty Shortlist. Launched in 2012 by Fiona Klonarides (The Beauty Shortlist in 2009) the awards grew quickly and organically to become the UK’s leading indie natural beauty awards before going global in 2017. “The Beauty Shortlist’s beauty and wellbeing awards serve an […]

Buy a Balm, Plant a Tree

Who doesn’t love trees? That’s why we are introducing a scheme we’ve been wanting to do since pretty much forever. And we are so excited! Buy a balm + plant a tree. It’s simple. You buy a POWER BALM and we plant a tree in Sierra Leone. Reforestation not deforestation. Because for too long, the […]

5 Minute Skin Lessons

Time for a quick 5 minute Skin Lesson. Skin renews every 28 days…but what does that mean? It’s all about cells (new & old alike) and layers. In this 5 minute Skin Lesson we’ll also tell you how products like POWER BALM can support this natural biochemical process. The “stem cells of the epidermis” divide […]

9 Super Ingredients: Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense Essential Oil – “The King of Essential Oils” – has been cherished for thousands of years.  Native to East Africa and treasured by Egyptian royalty, Queen Hatshepsut organised an expedition to research Frankincense. Cleopatra was said to have used it as a skin treatment. Aroma: rich, woody, warm, spicy, sweet Colour: golden Why is Frankincense super […]