Super Skincare Ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil

hemp leaf

Are you using Hemp Seed Oil in your skincare routine? This nourishing botanical oil deserves the attention it has recently garnered. Extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant, it’s also one of the most planet-kind ingredients. Aroma: earthy, herbaceous Colour: deep grassy green Here’s why Hemp one of the ultimate super skincare ingredients: Kind […]

Lavender Praise: Why you need this essential oil in your skincare routine

hands in lavender

Lavender Essential Oil – “the calming oil” – is more than your Granny’s fave scent, and we’re going to tell you why she’s so wise. Originating from the Mediterranean, Middle East and India, this member of the mint family has been around for over 2500 years and has been cherished by the Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. Aroma: floral, deep, […]

Shop Small at … Christmas Markets!

Christmas market table display

After two years of uncertainty, we were delighted to get back into the swing of things this year and get back out there to engage with our local community by joining in with our local Christmas Markets. All of our fellow stallholders were selling amazing products that had been crafted with passion. It reiterates the […]

Golden Body Oil hits our virtual shelves

golden body oil on top of a stone sat next to a lavender stem

The past year at The Kind Planet lab, we were busy creating, testing and perfecting our newest product: Golden Body Oil. A BFF to our cult skincare saviour, POWER BALM, if you like. Golden Body Oil hosts similar skin benefits in a liquid gold form. Cruelty-free, Vegan + Organic, Golden Body oil is powered by […]

Skincare Lessons

woman resting her head on table looking at beakers filled with flowers

Another (hopefully simple) Skincare Lesson. What the 🤬 is an occlusive? And how is it different to an emollient? Wait, what exactly defines an emollient? Aren’t humectants important too? Gone are the days of simply applying Ponds Cream at night. We have attempted to make this a simple skincare lesson and do the hard work […]


young lady listening to music in bubble bath

We’ve dropped our latest playlist for those autumnal evenings + feelings. Featuring some of the most talented Sierra Leonean artists combined with feel good songs. Because music IS self-care. Click here to listen now.

9 Super Ingredients: Why you need Mandarin Essential Oil in your skincare routine

mandarin oranges

Mandarin Essential Oil – “the happy oil” – is one of the sweetest and most calming oils in the citrus family. This citrus fruit got its name in the early 19th century, when it was imported from China to England, inspired by the bright orange robes worn by the Mandarins. But of course this wasn’t where it all began. This […]

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