Golden Body Oil hits our virtual shelves

Golden Body Oil with Lavender

The past year at The Kind Planet lab, we were busy creating, testing and perfecting our newest product: Golden Body Oil.

A BFF to our cult skincare saviour, POWER BALM, if you like. Golden Body Oil hosts similar skin benefits in a liquid gold form.

Cruelty-free, Vegan + Organic, Golden Body oil is powered by Red Palm and contains our signature aromatherapy blend of Mandarin, Frankincense + Lavender.

It will nourish your skin with our antioxidant-rich botanical oils which include Rosehip, Hemp and Jojoba.

Our favourite uses so far?

  • Massage into clean skin post-shower to lock in moisture
  • Treat a dry scalp by working the oil into hair and scalp before shampooing
  • Add a few drops to your bath….or better yet a foot bath for super soft feet
  • Get your golden glow on and rub Golden Body Oil into wherever you want to Shine.

Buy Golden Body Oil today from our online shop.

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