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Super Skincare Ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil

Are you using Hemp Seed Oil in your skincare routine? This nourishing botanical oil deserves [...]

Feed Your Skin: why you should nourish the skin from within

Skincare isn't always about topical treatments. There is increasing evidence that good nutrition supports skin [...]

Lavender Praise: Why you need this essential oil in your skincare routine

Lavender Essential Oil – “the calming oil” – is more than your Granny’s fave scent, and we’re going to [...]

Gifts for the Women We Love

In light of International Women’s Day today and approaching Mother’s Day celebrations, we have curated [...]

Shop Small at … Christmas Markets!

After two years of uncertainty, we were delighted to get back into the swing of [...]

All About: Autumn Skincare

Autumn is the season of change, and with that includes the needs of our skin. [...]

Golden Body Oil hits our virtual shelves

The past year at The Kind Planet lab, we were busy creating, testing and perfecting [...]

Skincare Lessons

Another (hopefully simple) Skincare Lesson. What the 🤬 is an occlusive? And how is it [...]


We’ve dropped our latest playlist for those autumnal evenings + feelings. Featuring some of the [...]

9 Super Ingredients: Why you need Mandarin Essential Oil in your skincare routine

Mandarin Essential Oil – “the happy oil” – is one of the sweetest and most calming oils in the [...]

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