9 Super Ingredients: Why you need Mandarin Essential Oil in your skincare routine

Mandarin Essential Oil – “the happy oil” – is one of the sweetest and most calming oils in the citrus family.

This citrus fruit got its name in the early 19th century, when it was imported from China to England, inspired by the bright orange robes worn by the Mandarins. But of course this wasn’t where it all began. This fruit has been cultivated and cherished for well over 3000 years in China, Vietnam & Japan.

Aroma: fresh, fruity, citrus, sweet

Colour: deep orange 

So why is Mandarin so amazing as a skincare super ingredient?

Vitamin C. Clearly, as a citrus fruit extract, Mandarin is super rich in Vitamin C. This powerful antioxidant has essential roles such as collagen synthesis, wound healing + combats free radicals (including environmental toxins). 

Brighter skin and reduced appearance of scars, age spots, softening of stretch marks and fine lines are also thanks to a rich supply of Vitamin C.

Cytophylactic properties. The literal meaning of this is “protects the cell of the organism” and it means that Mandarin oil can stimulate the regeneration of new cells. Thus skin is smoother and simply radiant.

Anti. Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, antioxidants. Mandarin has got it covered. All four antis work to rejuvenate skin cells. It’s a dream come true for treating conditions such as eczema, psoriasis + acne.

Circulation. Proven to boost it. Get blood pumping and your skin plumping.

Our Mandarin Oil is sourced from Argentina and is extracted by cold expression of the outer peel.

Experience this happy oil in POWER BALM today.

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