Power Balm™

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POWER BALM is our award-winning skincare saviour + ancient healing remedy from the jungles of West Africa.

Chocked full of naturally occurring ceramides, squalene, free radical fighting antioxidants and fatty acids.

Best for: normal to dry skin

Texture: thick + luxurious

Aromatherapy: Mandarin + Lavender + Frankincense

Infinite-use POWER BALM for all skin types:

∞ moisturiser
∞ beard, brow & hair balm
∞ intensive mask
∞ lip balm
∞ hand and foot cream
∞ highlighter
∞ hydrate & heal dry skin conditions
∞ soothe, brighten and moisturise tattoos

jar of power balm in amber glass with black lid
Power Balm™


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