9 Super Ingredients: Rosehip Oil

rosehips on a branch with blue sky in the background

We will be featuring each of POWER BALM’s 9 Super ingredients. It makes sense to start with our most luxurious ingredient, Rosehip.

Rosehip seed oil is extracted from seed of the rose plant. Used in folk medicine for centuries, it has the power to give your skin all the good R’s: Restore, Renew, Regenerate, Replenish. Here are five solid reasons why you need it in your skincare routine today.

  1. Kate Middleton loves Rosehip Oil. Google “Rosehip Oil” and you will be hard pressed to find an article without reference to the Duchess and how she uses it in her daily routine, so…enough said.
  2. Free-radical fighting antioxidants! According to Mintel, they’re only the most popular skincare ingredients ever. Rosehip oil is packed full of antioxidants which fight to repair sun damage and signs of ageing. When we topically apply antioxidants to our skin, the antioxidants quench the free radicals (aka nasty toxins) that sit on the skin’s surface. They also support the skin’s own natural antioxidant system on the surface of the skin. Free radicals are neutralised topically first. Then, antioxidants help your body fight off free radicals as they move into the deeper layers of the skin. After the age of 30, the skin produces less antioxidants. Your skin needs some free radical-fighting antioxidant support!
  3. Fatty acids. Okay, these two words are so much better when they are put together. Kind of like the opposite of vegan cheese. Rosehip oil is made up of 80% essential Omega 6 + 9 fatty acids. These amazing lipids instantly plump dehydrated skin & add elasticity.
  4. Colourful Carotenoids. We’re often told to eat the rainbow, but the same applies when it comes to our skin. Rosehip oil contains Lycopene & Beta carotene (also found in massive quantities in our Red Palm, but more on that another week). Lycopene gives plants their red pigment (think tomatoes) and it exists in plants specifically to prevent damage from light. It is truly a powerful antioxidant. It is also anti-inflammatory, protecting skin from environmental toxins. Beta carotene lends plants an orange pigment (think carrots) and is a pro-Vitamin A. It is heroic in treating dry skin conditions such as eczema & psoriasis, and let’s not forget to mention its super healing properties. It can be used to help heal lesions & cuts, aids in the treatment of ulcers, impetigo, boils, & removing age spots. The consumption of beta carotene has been said to make your skin glow, but we wouldn’t recommend spreading Power Balm on your toast.
  5. Vitamin C(ollagen): Rosehips contain the highest content of Vitamin C of any fruit or vegetable. Vitamin C boosts cell regeneration, and collagen synthesis requires massive amounts of Vitamin C…so make sure your skin gets a lot of it.

Get a good dose of organic rosehip oil in our very own POWER BALM.

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