All About: Autumn Skincare

Autumn is the season of change, and with that includes the needs of our skin.

Chillier air means a decrease in humidity. The heating tends to be cranked up making air (and skin) become very dry, very quickly.

When this happens, dry skin becomes a ‘thing’ because it is naturally producing less oils. Alternatively, skin can also overcompensate and produce too many oils. Both situations can be a problem (enter the ever so prevalent ‘combination skin’).

So how can a person stay ahead of the game and keep their skin healthy?

Resist hot showers. While they are super satisfying, especially after a chilly autumn walk, hot showers deplete skin of its much needed natural oils. Keep water at a sensible lukewarm temperature and your skin will benefit.

Boost your moisture intake by rubbing Golden Body Oil all over your skin right after you get out of the shower. We love adding it to our favourite body lotion – it makes it smell delicious.

Get a thicc moisturiser. This will not only add extra oils and fats to your skin barrier, but will keep them in. What do we mean by a thicker moisturiser? Basically it’s your typical lotion (thin) vs an emollient cream (thick). POWER BALM is hands down the best thick moisturiser we can recommend.

Lather up with a moisturising overnight mask. There are many great reasons why this is important. Your skin’s oil production hits its peak at midday, meaning it’s at its lowest at midnight. Moisturising before bed ensures that your skin is replenished allowing for healing and renewing to occur while you sleep. POWER BALM is of course our favourite night cream.

Healthy skin is powerful.

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