From the jungles of West Africa to our kitchen in Kent

we set about creating a unique skincare line that was nurturing and nourishing for skin, and just as kind to the planet. Our golden balm is made with super sustainable organic RED PALM oil. Indigenous to West Africa, red palm oil has been cherished as a superfood and skin saviour for thousands of years, but is not found in most skincare products owing to the terrible reputation of palm oil from Malaysia and Indonesia, where the clear cutting of rainforests has destroyed the habitats and ecosystems of thousands of species.

Organic, Vegan, & Cruelty-free. With unique skincare benefits, our business is focused on social and female empowerment as well as protecting our ecosystems.

Our mission is to prove that beauty and skincare can come without pain, that palm oil can be used for good, and that organic ingredients are better for the skin and for the planet.

Forty-three women, who are land-owning entrepreneurs, contribute to our super sustainable palm oil supply which is processed at our mill in Ghana. The vibrant and fresh palm kernels are picked by Ghanaian women.

We believe in fair living wages for everyone. We also believe in healthy living soils which promote biodiversity for all species. ONLY from AFRICA certification guarantee that rainforests have not been clear cut or habitats destroyed. Ecosystems are able to thrive, making way for the smallest microorganisms to promote a diverse wildlife.

Our shea butter nuts are collected wild and hand crushed by a women’s cooperative in Ghana. 

The Kind Planet Company manages its supply chain from soil to skin, ensuring honest ingredients that are kind to the planet, kind to all people and kind to your skin. 5% of our sales go directly towards our Plant & People Power chosen charities.