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Golden Body Oil


Golden Body Oil is super moisturising with an uplifting aromatherapy blend for all skin types. Nourish your skin with our antioxidant-rich botanical oils. The rich golden colour of Red Palm reveals the presence of the highest vitamin A + E levels of any plant-based oil.

Massage into clean skin anywhere extra moisture + glow is needed. Add a few drops to lotion or the bath. Use before shaving, soften + condition hair and enhance tattoos.

Best for: all skin types


Aromatherapy Scent: Mandarin + Frankincense + Lavender


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Organic Cotton Muslin Cloths


The Kind Planet Company Organic Cotton Muslin Cloths are Soil Association & GOTS certified organic. The double layers are completely unbleached & undyed.

These machine washable cloths will gently exfoliate and whisk away dirt, impurities, and excess oil.

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Power Balm


POWER BALM is our cult skincare saviour + ancient healing remedy from the jungles of West Africa.

With higher levels of vitamins A & E than any other plant based oil, our Red Palm is the most sustainable in the world, ensuring full traceability from soil to skin.

Chocked full of naturally occurring ceramides, squalene, free radical fighting antioxidants, fatty acids.

This infinite-use Red Palm golden balm helps to heal and protect while providing ultimate hydration. Tame brows, beards + hair, moisturise dry skin, nourish cuticles, brighten tattoos, use as a lip balm and much more.

Best for: normal to dry skin

Texture: thick + luxurious

Aromatherapy Scent: Mandarin + Lavender + Frankincense

Product may develop a crystallised, grainy texture if melts & resets. This does not affect the quality and is due to the fact that we do not use preservatives. We also use raw shea butter, which means that whilst it is packed full of nutrients – the consistency & scent may vary.

Red Palm is high in colourful carotenoids (proVitamin A) which lend a lush golden colour to the balm. However it can at times stain white clothing, so please be careful when applying.

For external use only. Store at room temperature.

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