5 Minute Skin Lessons

Time for a quick 5 minute Skin Lesson.

Skin renews every 28 days…but what does that mean?

It’s all about cells (new & old alike) and layers. In this 5 minute Skin Lesson we’ll also tell you how products like POWER BALM can support this natural biochemical process.

The “stem cells of the epidermis” divide to form the keratinocytes which migrate to the surface of your skin. Keratinocytes are cells which make up 90% of your skin. You’ve got a lot of them and they’re important to great skin.

These keratinocytes change in chemical composition & shape as they are pushed up from the deepest layer of the skin to the outermost barrier layer. Brand new fresh cells produced by the basal layer are the babies pushing the keratinocytes up & out. 

Keratinocytes mature and die in a way that forms an almost impermeable layer of dead cells. The formation of ceramides (oh sweet ceramides) from fatty acids present in the keratinocytes occurs during this process. Therefore: if we want ceramides in our skin we should simply feed our skin plenty of fatty acids.

To best look after your skin, covering the epidermis with thick cream that is rich in nutrients…like our super rich in fatty acids POWER BALM is pretty much perfect for this…will facilitate this process. Cracks in the skin also definitely need to be looked after. 

If your skin is well fed & nourished (especially with fatty acids!) it will be manufacturing and modifying a variety of ceramides in a way that is nearly impossible for skincare products to match.

So to sum it up succinctly: Nourish your skin with a great cream + don’t over exfoliate your precious skin layer. (Use our super gentle organic cotton muslin cloths!)

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