9 Super Ingredients: Golden Jojoba Oil


Golden Jojoba Oil

Golden Jojoba Oil comes from a shrubby tree native to the deserts of Mexico and southwestern America. Native American tribes have used the paste of the jojoba nut for centuries as a skin and hair remedy.

Nature’s emollient. Jojoba oil is technically a wax, and it stays liquid at room temperature, thanks to its unsaturated fatty acids. This helps to make it an excellent emollient, something I know a thing or two about after dealing with my severe eczema-prone children for over a decade. Emollients not only deeply moisturise skin, but also protect the outer layer, preventing irritations and harmful germs from entering the skin.

Ceramides are waxy molecules that help protect the skin from environmental aggressors such as pollution & allergens, and Jojoba oil is chocked full of them. Low ceramide levels have been linked to dry skin conditions such as eczema. Trapping water in the upper layer of the skin by forming an oily layer that sits on top of the skin, ceramides and their ability to optimise the skin barrier are key to Jojoba working as an emollient.

Sebum. Jojoba oil chemically mirrors the properties of sebum. Our sebaceous glands produce sebum, and balance (as is all things in life) is key. Too much sebum and skin becomes acne-prone. Too little sebum and skin becomes dry and itchy. The too little sebum bit particularly occurs as we age, because every year we produce less and less.

Solution: if you need a moisture boost, add jojoba to your daily moisturising regimen. If you are feeling particularly oily, jojoba will remove excess sebum and the lovely sticky build-up that it leaves behind. Whatever the case, jojoba will always leave your skin’s oil levels nicely balanced.

Iodine. At 82%, Jojoba’s iodine levels are so high that it is often known as the most powerful healing oil. Iodine not only fights harmful bacteria growth but also can help speed up healing of wounds, as shown by the Department of Environmental and Life Sciences in Italy. Results from this study concluded that Jojoba Oil not only accelerates wound closures but also speeds up collagen synthesis.

Vitamin E. We love antioxidant vitamin E and it is found aplenty in a good portion of our ingredients, including Jojoba oil. Vitamin E fights inflammation on the skin when applied topically, promoting a healthy glow. Plus, it acts as a natural preservative in skincare products. We’ve got so much vitamin E in our POWER BALM that we don’t need to add extra unnecessary ingredients to preserve it, just goodness from Mother Nature.

Vitamin B complex = even more free radical-fighting antioxidants which help balance hormones. Pantothenic acid, aka Vitamin B5, is known to delay the appearance of premature aging as well as aid in skin recovery.

Who would have thought that the deserts of Mexico and the USA could provide such amazing moisturisation and healing properties for the skin?

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