7 Ways to Use Power Balm You Might Not Have Thought Of!


Do you know about our little pot of gold? A nourishing skin saviour, it’s our pride and joy here at The Kind Planet Company – and it’s called Power Balm. It’s sustainable, vegan, and uses the power of natural ingredients alongside West African healing methods to save troubled skin!

But, did you know it has a lot of secret uses?

Power Balm does so much more than just moisturising. To prove how versatile it is, we’ve put together seven different uses for it that you might not know.

  1. Tame Your Brows

There’s a huge trend going on in the beauty industry right now; soap brows. The idea here is to take some soap on a washed mascara brush and apply it to your brows, using it to style them. While it definitely works, soap slowly drying on your skin isn’t exactly ideal! Luckily, Power Balm can step in as a great alternative.

You can follow the same method with Power Balm and help neaten your brows. But, the bonus here is that it won’t dry out on your skin, and the nourishing ingredients in the balm can even help your brows stay healthy and silky. It’s a real win-win!

  1. Nipple Balm

If you’ve ever breastfed a baby, you’ll know just how sore your nipples can get. Dryness, cracking, and irritation are all common side-effects of feeding your little one. Power Balm contains several nourishing ingredients, like shea butter, to add plenty of moisture back into your nipples, as well as lavender oil to soothe them! Simply apply the balm after feeding and you’re good to go.

  1. Reduce Signs of Ageing

Power Balm contains active ingredients that are known to reduce the signs of ageing. So, you can ditch the super expensive creams full of chemicals and stick to the power of Mother Nature to keep skin youthful! The natural ingredients that can help include:

  • Red palm – a sustainable palm oil that’s full of vitamin A and E, essential for collagen production and keeping skin smooth and firm.
  • Shea butter – nourishing and packed with vitamin K to restore your skin’s barrier and prevent transepidermal water loss, one of the leading causes of ageing.
  • Rosehip oil – another ingredient to boost collagen and maintain your youthful glow!
  • Hemp – full of essential fatty acids to help your skin stay plump.
  • Mandarin essential oil – reduces the appearance of fine lines and age spots.

With minimal, thoughtful ingredients and nothing harsh, you can keep ageing at bay the sustainable way, with ingredients that actually work. 

  1. Heal Your Tattoos

Tattoo aftercare is essential for bright colours and quick healing. If you want to keep your tattoo looking its best, try Power Balm! Full of moisturising ingredients, it’s the perfect way to aid in the recovery of your skin and prevent any fading. It’s also going to soothe your skin, which is a massive bonus when you’ve just been inked!

  1. Soothe Bites

We’ve already mentioned that Power Balm contains lavender oil, but what you might not know is that this makes it perfect for bug bites. If you’ve been bitten by a pesky mosquito or a troublesome bed bug, lavender oil helps to soothe the itch and can even relieve some of the pain. It’s anti-inflammatory, too, so the next time a bug bites you, try Power Balm to reduce irritation. 

  1. Enhance Your Makeup

Did you know that Power Balm can fit into your makeup routine? When you’re looking to add some glow to your look, our balm becomes a multi-purpose tool! Sweep it along your cheekbones for a highlight that nourishes your skin, or pop it over lipstick to turn your favourite shades into a gloss. If you love the dewy look, you need to give Power Balm a try.

  1. Relieve Sunburn

We don’t know of anyone who’s never been sunburnt, so we’re sure you know what a pain it can be. From sore skin to peeling, everything about sunburn is annoying. It can also damage your skin if you don’t treat it properly, leading to dryness and premature wrinkles – definitely not ideal!

Get rid of your sunburn quickly and avoid peeling with Power Balm. Full of nourishing ingredients to add moisture back into your skin, hemp to rejuvenate, and lavender oil to soothe, it’s the perfect treatment after a day in the sun!


Let Us Know How You Use Power Balm

Power Balm is a super versatile product, and we’re still finding new uses for it ourselves. If you have any ideas for the balm we haven’t mentioned yet, leave us a comment below. Or, if you haven’t tried it yet, pop one in your basket today and give it a try!

This blog was written by our guest writer, Jessica Cull. Jessica runs Captured Writing, a sustainable copywriting service for eco-friendly brands.

Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels


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